Actualidad Radio: A Leading Spanish-Language News and Talk Station in South Florida

What is Actualidad Radio?

Actualidad Radio is a Spanish-language radio station that broadcasts in the AM frequency of 1040 kHz in Miami, Florida. It is owned and operated by Actualidad Media Group, a company that also owns other radio and television stations in the United States and Latin America.

Actualidad Radio was founded in 2006 by Nelson Mezerhane, a Venezuelan businessman and media mogul who fled his country after being persecuted by the regime of Hugo Chávez. Mezerhane envisioned Actualidad Radio as a platform to inform and educate the Hispanic community in South Florida, especially the Venezuelan diaspora, about the political and social issues affecting their countries of origin and their new home.

Actualidad Radio features a variety of programs that cover topics such as local, national, and international news, politics, economy, sports, entertainment, immigration, health, and wellness. Some of its most popular shows are:

  • Te Escucho (I Hear You), a morning show hosted by Agustín Acosta and Mariam de Lourdes that invites listeners to share their opinions and stories on current events.
  • No es Todo Deportes (It’s Not All Sports), a midday show hosted by Carlos Mauricio Ramírez and Carlos Alberto Montaner that discusses sports news and analysis with humor and sarcasm.
  • Lo que el Mundo Habla (What the World Talks About), an afternoon show hosted by Ricardo Brown and Carlos Santana that covers the most relevant and controversial topics of the day with interviews and debates.
  • Fronteras de la Mente (Frontiers of the Mind), a night show hosted by Jorge Luis Rodríguez that explores the mysteries of the human mind and the paranormal phenomena with experts and testimonies.

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Why is Actualidad Radio Popular?

Actualidad Radio is one of the most listened to Spanish-language radio stations in South Florida, reaching an average of 250,000 listeners per week. There are several reasons why Actualidad Radio is popular among its audience, such as:

  • It provides credible and reliable information. Actualidad Radio prides itself on being an independent and objective source of news and analysis that does not favor any political or ideological agenda. It strives to present different perspectives and viewpoints on the issues that matter to its listeners, without censorship or manipulation.
  • It connects with its community. Actualidad Radio understands the needs and interests of its diverse and multicultural community, especially the Hispanic immigrants who have fled their countries due to political oppression, violence, or economic hardship. It offers them a space to express themselves, to learn from each other, and to feel supported and empowered.
  • It entertains and educates. Actualidad Radio not only informs its listeners about what is happening in the world, but also entertains them with engaging and dynamic programs that showcase the best of Hispanic culture, music, humor, and talent. It also educates them about topics that can improve their quality of life, such as health, wellness, finance, education, and more.

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Actualidad Radio is a leading Spanish-language news and talk station in South Florida that provides its listeners with credible and reliable information, connects with its community, and entertains and educates them. It is a radio station that reflects the values and aspirations of its audience, who are looking for a voice that represents them and speaks to them. Actualidad Radio is more than a radio station; it is a family.

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