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Waterbeds and Stuff: The Ultimate Guide to Buying and Using Waterbeds

waterbeds and stuff

Waterbeds are not just a relic of the 80s; they are still a viable and comfortable option for sleeping and relaxing. Waterbeds are mattresses filled with water that conform to your body shape and provide pressure relief and heat therapy. However, waterbeds are not as simple as regular mattresses; they require more care and maintenance, and they come in different types and styles. In this blog post, I will give you the ultimate guide to buying and using waterbeds and stuff, including the benefits, drawbacks, types, accessories, and tips of waterbeds.

Benefits of Waterbeds

Waterbeds have several advantages over traditional mattresses, such as:

Drawbacks of Waterbeds

Waterbeds also have some disadvantages that you should be aware of, such as:

Types of Waterbeds

There are two main types of waterbeds: hardside and softside.

Hardside Waterbed

A hardside waterbed is the traditional type of waterbed that has a wooden frame that holds the rectangular shape of the bed. It is essentially a large wooden box that contains the vinyl bladder filled with water. Hardside waterbeds have no extra padding or cushioning on top of the vinyl surface.

Hardside waterbeds are cheaper and simpler than softside waterbeds. However, they are also heavier, bulkier, harder to move, and less comfortable than softside waterbeds. They also require special bedding that fits their unique size.

Softside Waterbed

A softside waterbed is a newer type of waterbed that has a foam frame that supports the shape of the bed. It is similar to a regular mattress that contains a vinyl bladder filled with water inside. Softside waterbeds have a padded foam top and an upholstered base that cover the vinyl surface.

Softside waterbeds are lighter, more durable, more comfortable, and more versatile than hardside waterbeds. They can fit standard bedding, frames, and foundations. However, they are also more expensive and complex than hardside waterbeds.

Accessories for Waterbeds

Waterbeds require some accessories to function properly and enhance your comfort. Some of these accessories are:

Tips for Buying and Using Waterbeds

Here are some tips to help you buy and use waterbeds and stuff:


Waterbeds and stuff are not just a fad; they are a viable and comfortable option for sleeping and relaxing. Waterbeds have many benefits such as pressure relief, heat therapy, hygiene, and customization. However, they also have some drawbacks such as maintenance, weight, cost, and comfort. There are two main types of waterbeds: hardside and softside. Waterbeds also require some accessories such as heater, pump, conditioner, repair kit, liner, and pad. To buy and use waterbeds and stuff effectively, you should do your research, try it out, follow the instructions, maintain it regularly, and enjoy it safely.

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