Wattson x Crypto: The Unlikely Romance in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own abilities, personalities, and backstories. Among these characters, two of them have sparked a lot of interest and speculation among fans: Wattson and Crypto.

Wattson and Crypto are two of the most intelligent and skilled legends in the game, but they also have very different backgrounds and motivations. Wattson is a cheerful and optimistic engineer who helped design the Apex Games arena and has a close bond with her father figure, the Syndicate’s head engineer. Crypto is a mysterious and secretive hacker who infiltrated the Apex Games to expose the corruption of the Syndicate and to find his missing sister.

Despite their differences, Wattson and Crypto have developed a complex and intriguing relationship that has been explored through various lore pieces, such as voice lines, comics, videos, and stories. In this blog post, we will give you an overview of the Wattson x Crypto romance, its development, its challenges, and its future.

How Wattson x Crypto Romance Began

Wattson and Crypto first met during the Season 2 trailer of Apex Legends, where Crypto sabotaged the Repulsor Tower that kept the wildlife away from the arena. This caused a massive explosion that injured Wattson and unleashed a horde of beasts into the arena. Crypto then joined the Apex Games as a new legend, while Wattson recovered from her injuries.

During Season 3, Wattson and Crypto started to interact more frequently, as they were both part of a team of legends that investigated a mysterious artifact in the Shadowfall event. Wattson was curious about Crypto’s hacking skills and his mysterious past, while Crypto was impressed by Wattson’s engineering skills and her kindness. They also shared some moments of humor and flirtation, such as when Crypto teased Wattson about her accent or when Wattson complimented Crypto’s smile.

However, their relationship took a turn for the worse during Season 4, when another legend, Revenant, joined the Apex Games. Revenant was an assassin who had a grudge against the Syndicate and wanted to kill its leader, Hammond Robotics. Revenant also had a connection to Crypto’s sister, Mila, who was kidnapped by the Syndicate after she discovered their secrets.

Revenant manipulated Crypto into helping him hack into the Syndicate’s network and access their files. However, this also exposed Crypto’s identity and location to the Syndicate, who sent agents to capture him. Crypto managed to escape with the help of his drone, Hack, but he also left behind a message for Wattson.

The message revealed that Crypto’s real name was Tae Joon Park and that he was sorry for lying to her. He also told her that he cared about her and that he hoped they would meet again someday.

How Wattson x Crypto Romance Developed

Wattson was shocked and hurt by Crypto’s message. She felt betrayed by his lies and his involvement with Revenant. She also felt confused by his feelings for her and his sudden departure. She decided to distance herself from him and focus on her work.

During Season 5, Wattson and Crypto were part of another team of legends that searched for another mysterious artifact in the Broken Ghost quest. However, their interactions were cold and tense, as Wattson refused to talk to Crypto or trust him. She also blamed him for being a mole who leaked their information to Revenant.

However, it was later revealed that the real mole was another legend, Caustic, who had framed Crypto as part of his own agenda. Caustic confessed his betrayal to Wattson and apologized for hurting her. He also told her that Crypto was innocent and that he had feelings for her.

Wattson was shocked and angry by Caustic’s confession. She felt betrayed by another person she trusted and cared about. She also felt guilty for accusing Crypto wrongly and ignoring his attempts to explain himself. She realized that she didn’t know anything about him or his motives.

During Season 6, Wattson tried to reconnect with Crypto and understand him better. She asked him about his past, his sister, his enemies, and his goals. She also told him that she wanted to trust him again and that she was sorry for being harsh on him.

Crypto opened up to Wattson and told her more about his story. He told her how he became a hacker after his parents died in an explosion caused by the Syndicate. He told her how he met his sister Mila and how they worked together to expose the Syndicate’s corruption. He told her how he lost Mila after she was kidnapped by the Syndicate and how he faked his death to escape them. He told her how he joined the Apex Games to find Mila and bring down the Syndicate.

He also told her his real name again: Tae Joon Park. He told her that he cared about her and that he wanted to protect her. He told her that he trusted her and that he hoped she would trust him too.

Wattson listened to Crypto and felt sympathy and admiration for him. She realized that he was not a bad person, but a brave and noble one. She realized that he had suffered a lot and that he had a good reason for his actions. She realized that he was more than just Crypto. He was Tae Joon Park.

She also realized that she cared about him too. She realized that he was not a stranger, but a friend. She realized that he was not an enemy, but a partner. She realized that he was not just a hacker, but a hero.

She told him that she trusted him and that she wanted to help him. She told him that she cared about him and that she wanted to be with him. She told him that he was not alone, but that he had her.

They hugged and smiled at each other, feeling a new bond of friendship and love.

How Wattson x Crypto Romance Faced Challenges

Wattson and Crypto’s romance was not without challenges, however. They still had to deal with the dangers and difficulties of the Apex Games, as well as the threats and enemies from the outside world.

One of their biggest challenges was the arrival of another legend, Fuse, who joined the Apex Games in Season 8. Fuse was a charismatic and explosive mercenary who had a history with Crypto’s sister, Mila. Fuse claimed that he had met Mila during his travels and that they had become friends. He also claimed that he had seen Mila alive and well, and that he had a message for Crypto from her.

Crypto was skeptical and suspicious of Fuse’s claims. He wondered if Fuse was telling the truth or if he was lying to manipulate him. He wondered if Mila was really alive or if she was dead or in danger. He wondered if Fuse was a friend or an enemy.

Wattson was supportive and curious of Crypto’s situation. She wanted to help him find out the truth about his sister and Fuse’s intentions. She also wanted to meet Mila and get to know her better. She wondered if Mila knew about her and Crypto’s relationship and what she thought of it.

However, their investigation was interrupted by another legend, Valkyrie, who joined the Apex Games in Season 9. Valkyrie was a daring and adventurous pilot who had a grudge against Fuse for killing her father. Valkyrie attacked Fuse during his debut match and caused a massive explosion that damaged the arena.

Wattson and Crypto were caught in the blast and injured by the debris. Wattson suffered a severe head injury that left her in a coma, while Crypto suffered a minor leg injury that required stitches.

Crypto was devastated and worried by Wattson’s condition. He blamed himself for not protecting her better and for putting her in danger. He blamed Fuse for causing the explosion and for hurting Wattson. He blamed Valkyrie for attacking Fuse and for triggering the explosion.

He stayed by Wattson’s side in the hospital and prayed for her recovery. He also vowed to find out the truth about his sister and Fuse, as well as to get revenge on Valkyrie.

How Wattson x Crypto Romance Will Continue

Wattson and Crypto’s romance is still ongoing and evolving, as they face new challenges and opportunities in the Apex Games and beyond. Their relationship is based on trust, respect, care, and love, as well as on intelligence, skill, and courage.

They have overcome many obstacles and enemies together, as well as shared many moments of joy and happiness together. They have also learned more about each other’s pasts, presents, and futures, as well as about themselves.

They have grown as individuals and as a couple, as they balance their personal goals and their shared dreams. They have also inspired many fans and followers with their story, as they represent an unlikely but beautiful romance in a harsh but hopeful world.

Wattson x Crypto is one of the most popular and compelling romances in Apex Legends lore, as it combines elements of action, drama, comedy, mystery, tragedy, and romance. It is also one of the most realistic and relatable romances in Apex Legends lore, as it reflects the struggles and joys of finding love in a complex and chaotic world.

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